Long car ride: a checklist for you

Long car ride: a checklist for you

Long car drivesare always fun especially when you are with your friends or family. The journeyto a holiday resort will be a blissful thing as the beauty outside energizesthe body, mind, and soul. But you must be well-prepared before you go out for along drive. This preparation will give you a comfortable journey and secure youfrom any unexpected troubles on the way. Proper planning and carefulconsideration of the roads, weather, and necessary tool kit will help you makeyour drive safe, fruitful, and memorable.

These are important points for your long car journey checklist.

Before you leavefor your long drive, make sure that you are not alone. Take someone with you toassist you in case of any hard situation on the way. Weather can turn harsh andyour car can stop on the way in a far off area. You may find yourself introuble to cope with the failure of vehicles and extreme weather. In suchconditions, keeping someone with you will be a wise decision. We have made iteasy for you to check your preparation and gathered all points you need toconfirm to start your long drive. This is the list:

Take the map of your destination

Do not forget to take the map of the area and your destination with you. Hostile weather can put you in tough situations if you are driving to an adventurous place.

Keep your phone topped up

Mobile phone is one of the most important things before heading off to your destination.

Check your car

These are the checkpoints before you begin your long ride:

  • Get your car tires completely checked to make sure they are properly inflated and their tread is enough
  • Make sure that your windscreen is clean the wipers and washers are working well
  • Check the oil, radiator coolant, and fuel
  • Make sure all indicators and radiators are properly working
  • Double-check that the car has a spare wheel and in good condition
  • Make sure your temperature gauge and fuel gauge are fit to function
  • Examine the leaks under your car when it is parked for some time, if any leakage is noticed, fix it
  • Confirm that the door and locks are in satisfactory condition
  • Keep a spare key of your car with you. It can help in case you lose one on the way.
  • Keep unperishable edibles and water bottles in case of emergency
  • Do not forget to take a blanket and extra warm clothes with you if you are driving in the winter season
  • Take first aid box and urgent medicine
  • Make sure your car is having towing equipment: sway bars, shackles, couplings, and chains.
  • Keep an extra can of fuel with you
  • Keep extra search light in your tool kit.
  • Make sure front, back, and side mirrors are perfect.
  • Check the steering control and brake fluid
  • Examine air conditioner and loose cables heater
  • Check the horns and fuses
  • Keep emergency numbers to call in your mobile and print form both. Mobile data can be lost due to any mishap. So the numbers should be saved other than mobile or other devices. You will have read the news about drivers whose mobile phones stopped working and they could not make a call when they were in trouble. Therefore, write all emergency numbers on a paper.

Basic tool kit necessary for your long drive

These are the urgent things you must have to face any emergency situation while driving: 

  • Battery charger
  • Your basic toolkit should include:
  • Wooden jack base
  • Suitable fuses and vehicle light globes
  • Jack and pump
  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdrivers (straight blade in small and large size)
  • Wheel brace and tire levers
  • Socket set
  • Screwdrivers (Phillips head, set of three)
  • Tow rope
  • Tire repair outfit, including valve key
  • Adjustable wrenches (both large and small)

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