9 car tire tips you should know as a car driver

Car tires are the only contact you have with the road when you are on a drive. Without fit and perfect tires, travel cannot be thought even. With every passing day, cars are coming with advanced features: autopilot, enhanced control and stability, more powerful engines, and many others. But it is only tires that make you run on the roads and tracks. So they are prime important when you plan an economical and safe ride

The important things you need to know about car tires

Make sure that you take the best car tire tips with you:

Keep an eye on the valve stems, the small caps fitted on the valve flap. They keep the dirt and moisture away from the tire. They work as an extra tight protective seal of the valve core. Due to them, the air remains in the tire and good tire pressure is maintained.

Checking the car manual

Required and correct tire pressure is crucial for a safe drive. But an optimal level of tire pressure also minimizes the wear on tires. It saves fuel, enhances performance, and brings longevity.

Most of the tires do not show the correct tire pressure on their side. Instead, they exhibit only the maximum allowed pressure limit for the tire. The car’s manual provides all these details about tire pressure. Also, you can find it on the fuel valve, inside the driver’s door, and on the decal in the glove compartment.

Low tire pressure is alarming

Maybe your car tires are looking fine and properly inflated, but it is possible that they are only 50% inflated. The car tire cannot run with low tire pressure. It can lead to risks. With low tire pressure, fuel consumption increases significantly. So keep a regular check on tire pressure.

Weather impacts tire condition

The temperature outside has a significant effect. According to the experts, tire pressure is decreased by about 1 PSI when temperature is dropped by every 10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is highly recommended to monitor your tire pressure on regular in summer and every change of weather.

All-season tires may not be all-weather solutions

All-season tires have some limitations as they are developed to run in moderate weather. They cannot perform well when winter conditions are harsh with snow and ice on road and temperature is very low. So better it is to install winter tires to face the extreme weather.

Regularly check your tire profile

The tread pattern of your tires needs to be more than 0.15 centimeters deep. If it is less than this, it will be a wise decision to replace your car tires.

Off-road tires are champions

Off-road drives are critical if you are a frequent rider of roads with dirt. On such roads, you should not compromise on your safety and equip your car with off-road tires. Also, they require a regular check to avoid any unpleasant incidents on the roads.

Check your tires regularly

Checking of car tires is important to enjoy secure and pleasant driving. So it is necessary to check the tires at least once in a month and before starting long drives. You can easily perform this tire check that includes:

  • Tire pressure
  • The profile depth
  • Cracks, nicks, crevices, wear, bulges, and punctures

Your car tires have limitations

Whatever brand you are driving, it is a fact that your cars will face wear and need to be checked off and on to make sure that your drives are safe. It is also important to note that your driving style affects the car tires. If you drive aggressively, you should choose the tires to suit your driving pattern. In such cases, it is recommended to consult with the tire expert to select the right tires for your car.

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